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November 05 2017

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In 1957, a Soviet street dog named Laika launched into space aboard Sputnik-2 and became the first animal to orbit the Earth.

This is her story.

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He may have been late, but Steve and Peggy get their dance at the Stork Club after all.

Steggy Secret Santa 2016 gift for @plumandfinch

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HYPE #caryl #mcreedus #wscatlanta

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me at the beginning of the semester vs 1 week later

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Idris Elba photographed for Esquire Magazine, August 2017.


one more thing, i can’t help but notice that a lot of tumblr’s popular ideas about what 30+-year-old women — and it’s almost always women — should be doing instead of having fun online seem to line up pretty closely with very conservative beliefs about what women’s options should be. especially that women should have children and that once they have children their lives should revolve around those children completely, with no time for breaks or hobbies or internet discussion or other selfish, frivolous, unmotherly activities. to be a mother or a woman old enough to be expected to be a mother is to be a specially regulated class of person, judged by her performance as a self-sacrificing caregiver and exemplar of chaste maturity.

it’s hard to escape the influence of these ideas. but if you don’t hold yourself to this standard at age 22 or whatever, if you want more than what patriarchy has planned for you, then it’s worth it to try to let go of this standard when it comes to older women too. and not only because you will one day be one of them. but also because it’s the right thing to do.

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an October night visitor  ✨

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Daryl and Carol hug with the stars. Caryl fanart.


this couple came through my lane today and one of the items they had was a very small but still functional piñata, like maybe six inches long and five inches tall, and i commented that it was adorable, and the couple sort of shuffled their feet and looked at the ground and then one of them looked at me and said the best thing i’ve heard in the month of may:

“we’re giving it to our cat. for his birthday. it’s in august. …we like to plan ahead.”

November 04 2017

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I colored the little Slayers fanart I made last month! Zelgadis and Amelia love <3

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So, like many cats, Rasputin likes to kill field mice and leave them on our front step to mark his territory, impress me with his prowess, and to show me he loves me. Today, the front step wasn’t enough. He brought it all the way, dropped it in his food dish, and then looked up at me and meowed with his “feed me” sound.

He was showing me where exactly where to put his reward.

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He’s not going anywhere.


Capitalism produces scarcity artificially where there is none.

There are enough houses.

There is enough food (in fact there’s currently massive amounts of “overproduced” grain being left to rot)

There is enough water.

Even without changing the horribly designed production systems, there is no real shortage.  People don’t starve, have no fresh water, have no houses to live in, etc. because there are not enough of these things.  People don’t have access because capitalism denies them it.

There’s enough to share for everyone.  It’s not a zero sum game for poor and oppressed peoples. 

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Dragons look like minerals!



Amazing! Thanks @silver-89

Rasputin is complaining about the noise because he wants to sleep. I have the TV volume at 15 - which in my case can’t be heard above the sound of me opening the fridge door to grab my 5th slice of pizza.

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New promo image of Jason Momoa as Aquaman

Reposted byRedHeadCathsybkaMilkyJoe
Watching Daredevil Season 2 again. When Frank…
I hate everything about Elektra. I’m sure the actress is lovely in real life or whatever, but I haaaaate the character and her storyline and how it affects the other characters and the whole dynamic she brings to the show(s).

More and more I feel we are beak mates. We shall peck out the character’s eyes together.

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