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May 23 2018

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joan watson’s therapist continues to be trash in death lmao. what the fuck kind of clinician decides a woman who doesn’t express parenthood as a goal needs to be a mother.


I am just a simple cave dweller. Youtubers who show you their “look” for the day frighten and confuse me. However, why aren’t you showing me the action figures you collect? And if you don’t collect action figures…why the hell am I watching this?

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Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex - OP Broadcast Version B

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I am better with you, Watson

May 22 2018

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Stranger Things is an amazing show. I can’t recommend it enough.

This comic isn’t very spoilery but it won’t make a lot of sense until you’ve watched the show. The entire first season is on Netflix. Go check it out!

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Table Lamp by Bouval

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A cat climbed over the wall just to tell you this! It must be important.

Webtoon | Patreon | Instagram

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Artic Fox (by affinity579)

URBAN DECAY 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil, $20.00

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Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride with fans in Scotland | March 15th, 2018

(📸: joegordon98 IG | tootsmcfruits IG | Shanya Mcandrew FB)

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May 21 2018

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Because there hasn’t been enough #caryl in the promo material. Or indeed enough #carolpeletier for that matter. #melissamcbride #bigbaldhead @bigbaldhead

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doing some quick painting to try and get into the creative groove jfbdkjn

this was made in about 30 mins? im gonna make a few more maybe

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Ballerina sketches

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Avo Toast . 😜🥑🍞

Um…are you sure??

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